Creep Alert

Meet my stalker. His name is Christopher (Kiff) LaBar-Shelton.

His publicly available address is:

2512 Kathryn Ave. SE, Albuquerque NM 87106.

His easily searched phone number is: (505) 243-6433

This sad, pathetic, cowardly little pervert uses the identity-thieving email address to harass me, though I tend not to see his missives unless I have to dig through my email trash looking for something else. That is where they automatically get diverted. Thus, I’m sure to his dismay, he rarely crosses my mind.

He was a sometime attendee to the Zen group I used to lead, and became a very weird, fawning sort of groupie. He was disruptive, and creeped many people out, some of whom stopped coming because of him. I would often have to ask him to stop monopolizing discussions, because as a schizoid narcissist, he had very poor self awareness. He very much liked to pose to newcomers as an experienced sage. He was, to put it mildly, disturbing and super cringe-y. I was patient, and tried to help him in the modest ways I was able. He was very unstable; he often couldn’t come because the heavy duty psych meds he was on debilitated him. He shared this fact (a little too) freely. The twisted prince of TMI.

He followed me on Facebook. When I posted something decrying the sexualization of young children in the culture at large – in particular with drag queen story hours, and the small, desperately abused child called Desmond is Amazing doing a drag performance strip-tease on network morning television – this deranged troll viciously began to attack me, grotesquely talked in admiring detail about how sexual small children are, and outed himself as “trans” and bi-sexual. He also declared himself an ardent communist Antifa supporter, and labeled me a racist Nazi for criticizing them (an FBI-labeled terrorist group). Etc.

I blocked him, and requested he refrain from attending the Zen group, and hoped to just leave it there. But he escalated by harassing me by email and phone. When I also blocked those avenues, he took to using anonymous accounts to threaten and badger me, promising to ruin my life in perpetuity and slander me to all future employers and friends. He even sucked my ex-wife into his schemes by posing as a friend of hers to find out details about my life. Of course, it’s never just you. He has done this with other people: he used to whine about how he would get kicked out of every group he got involved with. He told me of others who have issued restraining orders against him.

He’s back at it these days, apparently. Just a public service announcement.

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